Simple, Reliable Network Monitoring

Your organization depends on websites, e-mail servers, network, and critical IT services.

Do you know when they're not working?

Don't wait to be proactive...

We all have experienced the costs and pains of unplanned downtime.

For many organizations the first time they know of a problem is when customers call and complain. Or when the CEO of their company calls— asking why e-mail isn't working.

You can't completely avoid unplanned downtime. What you can do is use monitoring to reduce downtime cost by knowing when it happens.

Be proactive. Start using external monitoring. Notify your IT team anytime there is a disruption in the IT services that you and your customers depend on.

We provide your organization with a simple, reliable service to proactively watch:

We've been monitoring network services for more than 15 years, so we know what to look for. And we know how to look for it— using an external system of monitors.

Our mission is to help your organization reduce the pain of downtime.

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