Website and HTTP Monitoring

Get notified when your organization’s website is down.

Externally monitoring your website is critical these days. Without an eye on site performance and availability a business can loose customers fast.

Knowledge Front's HTTP monitoring is simple and reliable. Monitors fetch a given URL on a specified frequency from several geographic locations which both reduce the possibility for false alerts and gives a better idea of average performance.

With Knowledge Front's configurable alerting IT staff can be notified when the site is completely down and unresponsive, or when a given string is missing.

Real Performance Insight

Take the guesswork out of the external response time of your website. Get real-time performance data and long-term trending.

Verify HTTP Authentication

Test different HTTP authentication methods:

  • Basic
  • Digest
  • NTLM

Don't Wait To Be Proactive

For $10 a month you can monitor your website.

How much would 1 hour of website downtime cost your organization?

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