Round-Trip SMTP Monitoring

Business depends on Internet e-mail.

Be proactive. Use round-trip monitoring to know when e-mail delivery problems happen.

What makes round-trip monitoring invaluable?

Most SMTP monitoring services only check that the SMTP TCP port (port 25) is listening. This is helpful but not complete. It doesn’t give insight into actual e-mail delivery.

Round trip monitoring goes deeper. It is a complete test of e-mail delivery to and from your SMTP servers.

An e-mail is sent to an address in your domain. Your SMTP server receives that message and responds.

Responses received back are logged and recorded for performance tracking over time.

Responses that are not received back trigger alerts and notifications to your IT team.

Critical Insights

Round-trip monitoring tests many critical underlying services:

  • Your domain’s DNS MX records
  • Your SMTP servers
  • Your SMTP gateways or e-mail filtering services (for example: Proofpoint or Mimecast)

Bottom-line: round-trip monitoring is an early warning system for larger issues.

Advanced Testing Capabilities

  • TLS support
  • IPv6 support
  • Attachment support

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